Can I Use Dog Scissors on Human Hair?

Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or someone looking to trim your own locks, having the right tools is essential. Among these tools, scissors are a fundamental instrument in the world of hair care. However, using the wrong type of scissors can lead to undesirable results and potential risks.

Can I Use Dog Scissors on Human Hair?

No, you should not use dog scissors on human hair. Dog scissors are designed for the coarser and thicker fur of dogs, and they may not provide a clean or safe cut on human hair. It’s important to use proper haircutting scissors or shears designed for human hair to achieve the desired results and avoid potential damage or uneven cutting.

Understanding Scissors

Types of Scissors

Scissors come in various types, each designed for specific tasks. The two primary categories we will focus on are dog grooming scissors and hair-cutting scissors.

Dog Grooming Scissors

Dog grooming scissors are specifically designed for trimming and styling a dog’s fur. They are engineered to handle the coarser and thicker texture of canine hair. These scissors are typically smaller and have rounded tips to prevent accidental injuries to the dog’s skin.

Hair Cutting Scissors

On the other hand, hair-cutting scissors often referred to as hairdressing or barber scissors, are designed for cutting human hair. They come in various sizes and designs, depending on the desired style and technique. Hair cutting scissors are known for their precision and sharpness.

The Differences Between Dog Scissors and Hair Scissors

The main differences between these two types of scissors lie in their design and functionality:

  • Blade Sharpness: Hair cutting scissors have extremely sharp blades to create clean and precise cuts, while dog grooming scissors have slightly blunter blades to prevent accidental nicks and cuts on a dog’s sensitive skin.
  • Texture Compatibility: Human hair is generally finer and softer than dog fur, which is coarser. Dog grooming scissors are not designed to handle the precision required for human hair.

Potential Risks of Using Dog Scissors on Human Hair

Using dog grooming scissors on human hair poses several risks:

  1. Uneven Cuts: Dog scissors may not provide the clean, even cut you desire for your hair.
  2. Hair Damage: Blunt blades can damage the hair, causing split ends and frizz.
  3. Safety Concerns: Dog grooming scissors lack the safety features needed for human hair, potentially leading to accidents.

When Can Dog Scissors Be Used on Human Hair?

While it is not recommended to use dog grooming scissors on human hair, there are some exceptions. If you’re in an emergency situation and have no access to hair-cutting scissors, you can use dog scissors as a last resort. However, proceed with extreme caution, and be prepared for less-than-ideal results.

How to Choose the Right Scissors for Your Needs

To achieve the best results when cutting hair, it’s crucial to invest in the right pair of scissors. When choosing scissors, consider factors such as the type of hair you’ll be cutting, the desired style, and your skill level.

Maintaining Your Scissors

Proper scissor maintenance is essential to ensure they remain sharp and effective. Regularly clean and oil your scissors, and have them professionally sharpened when needed.

Tips for Successful Hair Cutting

If you’re new to cutting hair, here are some essential tips for success:

  • Start with small, cautious cuts.
  • Comb the hair before cutting to remove tangles.
  • Cut in well-lit areas for better visibility.
  • Practice makes perfect – don’t rush the process.


In the world of hair care, using the right tools is paramount. While dog grooming scissors may work in a pinch, it’s always best to use the appropriate tools designed for human hair. Investing in a quality pair of hair cutting scissors will ensure better results and safety.


1. Is it safe to use dog scissors on human hair?

Using dog scissors on human hair is not recommended due to the risk of uneven cuts and potential damage to the hair.

2. Can I use regular household scissors for cutting hair?

Regular household scissors are not designed for cutting hair and may result in uneven and damaged hair.

3. What should I do if I don’t have hair cutting scissors?

If you don’t have hair cutting scissors, it’s best to wait until you can access the proper tools. Using alternative scissors should be a last resort.

4. How often should I oil my hair cutting scissors?

You should oil your hair cutting scissors regularly, ideally after every use, to keep them in good condition.

5. Is it necessary to have professional training to cut hair?

While professional training is beneficial, many individuals successfully cut their own hair with practice and patience.

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