Can You Take a Hairdryer in Hand Luggage with Ryanair?

When planning a trip, it’s essential to know what you can and cannot bring in your hand luggage, especially when it comes to items like hairdryers. Ryanair is one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe, and many travelers wonder whether they can take their trusty hairdryer with them onboard.

In this article, we will explore Ryanair’s hand luggage policy, specifically focusing on whether passengers are allowed to bring hairdryers, what the restrictions are, and other helpful tips for a hassle-free journey.

Can You Take a Hairdryer in Hand Luggage with Ryanair?

Yes, you can take a hairdryer in hand luggage with Ryanair. Hairdryers are allowed as part of your cabin baggage, subject to the airline’s carry-on baggage policy. Make sure the hairdryer fits within the size and weight restrictions set by Ryanair for hand luggage. Also, be aware that certain airports may have additional security regulations, so it’s essential to comply with both the airline and airport guidelines.

Understanding Ryanair’s Hand Luggage Policy

Before packing your bags, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with Ryanair’s hand luggage policy. This section will outline the key points you need to know to avoid any surprises at the airport.

What Items Are Allowed in Hand Luggage?

Ryanair follows the standard aviation security guidelines for hand luggage. We’ll list the common items you can bring with you on the plane and what to consider when bringing a hairdryer.

Permitted Personal Items

Here, we’ll delve into the items that are generally allowed in hand luggage, including personal items like electronics, cosmetics, and medications.

Hand Luggage Size Restrictions

Ryanair, like most airlines, has specific size restrictions for hand luggage. We’ll discuss these restrictions and how they might affect your decision to bring a hairdryer.

Can You Bring a Hairdryer in Your Hand Luggage with Ryanair?

The burning question – can you pack a hairdryer in your carry-on bag when flying with Ryanair? In this section, we’ll have a clear answer for travelers.

Understanding Hairdryer Wattage and Voltage

Hairdryers come in different wattage and voltage specifications. Knowing the details of your hairdryer is essential, and we’ll explain why.

The Safety Aspect: Hairdryers and Lithium-ion Batteries

Safety is a top priority for airlines. In this section, we’ll discuss how hairdryers with lithium-ion batteries might be subject to additional scrutiny.

Packing Your Hairdryer Smartly

If you are allowed to bring your hairdryer, it’s essential to pack it securely to prevent any damage during the journey. We’ll provide some practical packing tips.

Alternatives to Bringing a Hairdryer

For those who prefer to travel light, we’ll explore alternative options to bringing a hairdryer, such as using hotel amenities or purchasing a travel-sized one at the destination.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Journey

Apart from the hairdryer, there are other useful tips to make your flight with Ryanair a pleasant experience. This section will cover various travel hacks.


In conclusion, whether you can take a hairdryer in your hand luggage with Ryanair depends on certain factors like size, wattage, and voltage. Checking Ryanair’s hand luggage policy beforehand and being aware of your hairdryer’s specifications will ensure a stress-free journey.


Is there a weight limit for hand luggage on Ryanair flights?

Yes, Ryanair allows passengers to bring one piece of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg.

Can I bring my hair straightener in my carry-on bag?

Yes, hair straighteners are generally allowed in hand luggage.

Are hairdryers allowed in checked luggage?

Yes, you can pack hairdryers in your checked baggage, but make sure they are appropriately secured.

Can I bring my own food on a Ryanair flight?

Yes, you can bring your own food onboard as long as it complies with security regulations.

Is it better to check in online or at the airport with Ryanair?

It is usually more convenient and cost-effective to check in online before arriving at the airport.

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